Ameland Art Month November 2015

Ameland Art Month 2015 "SEA OF LIGHT"

Again for the nineteenth time is November, fully dedicated to the popular Art Month Ameland. A major exhibition that extends in all directions and art in the broadest sense shows.

2015 by UNESCO declared the International Year of Light. Art Month Ameland for the reason to choose this year's theme "Sea of ​​Light". On Saturday, October 31 the Art opens and it runs until Sunday November 29th. This year we managed to invite with great care and attention with a variety of artists and techniques.

This year there is special attention for Sculptures. Renowned artists such as Hans van Bentem, Nicolas Dings, Beppe Kessler, Bert Frijns, Rita Cook, Gijs Dragt, Maite Duval and Olaf Mooij. A select group exhibiting their beautiful work times the Art.

See the site of Art Month Ameland for more information.