Classic Weekend Ameland 2015

Date: 17-19 April 2015

Classic cars on the embankment of Ameland

Enjoy Ameland on the embankment of the Classic Weekend

17th - April 19th, 2015 the weather Classic Weekend on Ameland. For lovers a must! Up to 100 classic cars can participate in this fun event!
On Friday, the receipt of all participants and get acquainted with each other while enjoying a snack and a drink. On Saturday, an orientation ride around the island made. You will pass a lot of beautiful places and takes part in various activities that are great prizes to win. Of course there is time for coffee and a delicious lunch. At the end of the ride follows a musical treat in the center of Nes. In the evening there is a nice way to end a delicious dinner and prizes are handed out. On Sunday everyone is "free" to further explore Ameland. With the classic car, by bike or on foot!

Not in possession of a classic car? Also you can enjoy the Classic Weekend. All cars are in fact admire on Saturday April 17 at the center of Nes. The registration is now closed because the maximum number of 100 cars is reached.