The most beautiful place on Ameland with 4 ****

Within 45 minutes you are on Ameland where you can enjoy the beach, hiking and cycling with a lot of sunshine and fresh sea air, beautiful nature and you feel like you are stepping on board as the stress-free island feeling. In the dunes, near Nes, the beautiful apartment Ostrea. In our stylish and very comfortable, furnished apartment you can comfortably enjoy and make you feel immediately at home and relaxed.

Drive through Nes to the beach through the Beach Road and just before the beach you will see the long driveway after 300 meters leads to the beautiful complex. Drive The whole complex exudes tranquility and comfort. As this apartment complex is suitable for permanent residence therefore many owners stay here continuously.

The apartment is located on the ground floor at the back of the main entrance (where the front door of this apartment is located). Because it is located in a quiet area, overlooking the dunes, where the rest from street, this gives you the same relaxed feeling. You hardly notice that there are other people and you are very sheltered from the wind on all sides where you can comfortably enjoy the sun.

The apartment is located on one of the most beautiful spots on the island, less than 200 meters from the beach and the sea. That makes it an ideal holiday and leisure stay during every season to breezy and come quietly.

If you work for peace need to concentrate, you are in this apartment also good at your place. There is a wireless internet connection and a short relaxation, you can use the TV and radio capabilities. You can also get some fresh air on the nearby beach or enjoy a stroll through the beautiful dunes.

The apartment is equipped with all modern appliances so you can spend your leisure time as pleasant as possible. The kitchen features include a dishwasher, oven with grill, ceramic hob and microwave, and of course several small appliances.

The apartment also has a bathroom with bath and shower, a spacious living room and a large covered terrace. Because this apartment has a stone floor, you can stay here with pets.

Surrounded by nature. The apartment is located in the dunes. Rabbits, pheasants but also deer come to you in the morning good morning wishes but also sheep, horses and many species of birds are your neighbors. You will see the signature of Ameland in Nes if you are in a few minutes; the dunes surrounding the houses with thatched roofs.

On the dune

Sports and recreation. Enjoy beautiful views of the Wadden Sea? Rare birds observe in one of the many salt marshes? Or just a walk in the woods and on the cleanest beach in the Netherlands? Island of Ameland possesses overwhelming nature. On the bike you can discover beautiful nature. Also to the historic duck decoy is only a short walk or a few minutes by bike. There are many hiking trails that lead you along the most beautiful spots. From the apartment are several accessible woodland walking and cycling fine. That means in every season enjoy. In the apartment you will find more information.

Who likes bustle and restaurants in Nes is certainly in order. You are from your apartment in a few minutes in Nes. Shops and restaurants harmonize with the beautiful old houses (commander homes) and buildings. Thanks to an excellent restoration policy Nes has retained its unique charm. The old core of Nes is built to the freestanding bell tower from 1723. Nes is the largest place of Ameland with its 1200 inhabitants, whilst enabling the cosiest village. You will encounter several bars, great pubs, cozy and very good restaurants and you can of course shopping.