Ameland Art Month November 2013


The entire month of November, the weather Ameland Art Month 2013.

A cultural highlight in the month of November with an island-wide exhibition where the Sea marks the border.
Enjoy the arts and the modesty of the November landscape. The mystical silence in occasional misty or stormy weather mudflats. In this inspiring environment exhibit approximately 60 artists from 1 t / m November 30 their work on Ameland. The organization has selected an international group of artists from countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. In the past there was a trade route from the islands to the Baltic. Foundation Art Month Ameland want to restore this route alive but as art route. Hence, there are artists from Germany and the Scandinavian countries have been invited and we do not rule out possible participation of the artists from Baltic states and Poland. Also work with academy in these countries would Ameland to "breeding ground" for making new art.
In and around all four villages, there are exhibits in original and tasteful rooms. In hotels, apartment buildings, farmyard campsites, camping recreation areas, churches, town halls, galleries as well as in the countryside.